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Weatherstock follow up

by Aedon Durreah, 186 days ago

A big thank you to all our bands who played in both the WCS, and at the Summit. And all those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. As with many such undertakings, there are pages of folks to thank. Timekeepers, Tinkis, Mc's, stage-managers and musicians alike.

Weatherstock, for me is not a labor, but an undertaking of love. Both of the music, and those who share of their time and talents. And I watched first hand the care put by the bands into the music they shared with us all. I saw our workers, title fairies, Tinkis and the audience that made the trek up the mountain. And heard testament to the power of music in the songs played and words spoken by the Professor. And though I do not mention names here, know that I will always stand for you and appreciate your works.

It takes many hands to make Weatherstock the iconic concert that it is. And so I ask that each and everyone of you give yourself a huge round of applause. And I look forward to enjoying your arts for some time to come.

Yours in Harmony,

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