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re: App: Bruzo

The application submitted by Bruzo is as follows:

BAND LEADERS: Apply on behalf of your band. Approval of your application DOES NOT guarantee a slot at Weatherstock. See Band Selection info below.

BAND MEMBERS: Apply with your band to keep up on Weatherstock developments on this forum.

LMB EVENT STAFF AND OFFICERS: Identify what team you'd like to help with and to access the forums.

What is your role in Weatherstock?:
Band Leader

Band Leaders and Band Members: What band are you a member of?:
a rock and a hard place

Band Leaders: Have you performed in public as a band before? Does your band perform regularly? Have you performed at Weatherstock before? Please supply details here.:
First of all we play weekly concerts on our home server Dwarrowdelf. We played on last years Weatherstock for the first time in a big event and since then we took part in a couple of events on Landroval and one time on Laurelin: the fellowship walk, archet aid, winterstock, day on the greenfields and recently on the spring race carnival.

Weatherstock Band Application Section (only Band Leaders should fill this out):

Band Registration: Band Registration opens on Monday May 19th and closes on Sunday May 25th.

FYI: Each band will be paired with a "Roadie" from our Event Staff to ensure that the bands are all ready for Weatherstock. Be sure to direct questions to your Roadie, and to answer their questions promptly.

Note: Weatherstock is a competition. Winners will be determined at the summit following the show. One prize will be awarded via an internet vote of all attendees, a second prize will be awarded via an internal vote of LMB members.

There will be no voting-with-feet and no voting-with-hope-tokens this year.

Band Selection: There are 10 performance slots for Weatherstock, to be chosen by weighted lottery. Each band gets 1 ticket for applying. Each LMB Officer may give 1 ticket to a band of their choice. The 10 bands are selected randomly from this pool.

Bands: You are available to perform a 15-minute set anytime during Weatherstock on Saturday June 14th (tentatively 1:00pm-5:00pm /servertime EDT)? Slots will be assigned randomly.:

Weatherstock Concert Series: The Weatherstock Concert Series are a set of concerts put on during the weeks leading up to Weatherstock. These are 1-hour concerts and preference for these slots will be given to bands that apply for the competition.

Note: Playing in the Weatherstock Concert Series is not required for the competition. This is an opportunity for bands to play a longer set (1-hour vs 15-minutes at the summit).

Bands: Can you schedule a Weatherstock Concert Series performance on Landroval sometime between Friday May 30th and Thursday June 12th?:

Bands: Please select possible times for your 1-hour Weatherstock Concert Series show (check all that apply).:
Fri May 30: 3-6pm, Sat May 31: Noon-3pm, Sat May 31: 3-6pm, Sun Jun 1: Noon-3pm, Sun Jun 1: 3-6pm, Mon-Thu Jun 2-5: 3-6pm, Fri Jun 6: 3-6pm, Sat Jun 7: Noon-3pm, Sat Jun 7: 3-6pm, Sun Jun 8: Noon-3pm, Sun Jun 8: 3-6pm, Mon-Thu Jun 9-12: 3-6pm

Bands: Please indiciate which of the above times would work best for you for your 1-hour Weatherstock Concert Series show.:

Bands: Do you have a preferred location for your Weatherstock Concert Series show? (low-level areas draw the biggest crowds).:
Bree concert stage or opposite to the stable master at the western gate

Multi-boxing: While not prohibited, please be aware that lag can be severe at the summit during the competition, so use multi-boxing at your own risk!

Bands: how many individuals (non multi-box alts) are in your band?:

Band Contact information:

Main Character on Landroval:

Home Server:

Main Character on home server:

Bands: Please list a time/place/server that you regularly perform a show:
Dwarrowdelf, Fridays 4pm, Stable master at the western gate in Bree

Bands: Website (if any):

Introduce yourself or your band here.:
A rock and a hard place is a band that has been active for roughly two years now. We really enjoy playing music and our driving force is to play music together. Our members come from america (north as well as south) and europe and cover a wide range of ages, which gives us the oportunity to get to know a lot of musical styles that we would have never encountered if it weren't for the music in lotro. This also defines our style of music which is probably best described with the word eclectic - we play everything from Britney Spears to Beethoven and sometimes from artists with names that most of us can't even read. Our arrangements are entirely made by our members, some songs use the original lyrics, others have self written lyrics.
The best introduction to us would of course be to visit us on one of our shows.

We would really like to be a part of this years Weatherstock event again as taking part last year gave us a huge boost and widened our horizon about the huge and interesting musical lotro community.

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