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re: App: Nightchade

The application submitted by Nightchade is as follows:

::: BAND LEADERS ::: Apply on behalf of your band. Approval of your application DOES NOT guarantee a slot at Weatherstock. See Band Selection info below.

::: BAND MEMBERS ::: Apply here to keep up on Weatherstock developments on this forum. Note: LMB members can perform in other bands at Weatherstock/WCS. (Please put N/A as the answer to the band leader questions.)

::: EVENT STAFF ::: Identify what team you'd like to help with and to gain access the forums. (Please put N/A as the answer to the band questions.)

Forum Membership: What is your role in Weatherstock?:
Band Leader

Weatherstock Band Application Section: Only Band Leaders should fill this out. If you are event staff or a band member mark N/A as needed. <br>Please Read The Entire Section.

::: Band Registration Dates ::: Band Registration opens Soon(tm) and closes June 8. Happy

Band Leaders and Band Members: What band are you a member of?:

Band Leaders: Please give us some details so that we can promote your performance! Does your band perform regularly? Have you performed at Weatherstock before? Please supply details here.:
Saturday nights at 9:00 pm server time in front of the Pony. Before this great band called BBB ;). We have performed at Weatherstock twice before.

Each band will be responsible for Checking This Site REGULARLY for News and Updates. Bandleaders agree to log-in on Landroval weekly to check in-game mail prior to the event.

Bands can play at the WCS only, at the Summit only, or at both venues.

::: Weatherstock Concert Series (WCS) Info :::

The Weatherstock Concert Series is a series of back-to-back concerts to be held on July 11-12. These are 30- 45- or 60-minute concerts held at Bree Festival Grounds.

Playing in the Weatherstock Concert Series (WCS) is *NOT* required for playing at the Summit. This is an opportunity for bands to further showcase their talents.

Band Leaders: You agree to perform at the Weatherstock Concert Series (WCS) on Sat/Sun July 11/12.:

Band Leaders: Can you schedule a Weatherstock Concert Series performance on Landroval on the weekend of July 11/12? LMB will attempt to schedule all of the WCS shows consecutively on that weekend.:

Band Leaders: Select FIVE (or more) possible times for your 30-minute WCS show. PLEASE SELECT AT LEAST FIVE SLOTS ::: One 30-minute set will be assigned within these blocks. Hold CTRL and click on the dates to select more than one.:
N/A- not a band leader

Band Leaders: Please indicate which of the above blocks would work BEST for you for your 30-minute WCS show. Your flexibility is appreciated.:
Just want to play on the summit. :)

Note: All WCS shows will be held at Bree Festival Grounds Stage.

Note: Due to the time commitment involved, LMB cannot guarantee the video recording of all WCS shows. If your Band wishes their WCS show to be recorded, please provide your own recorder. Volunteers are also welcome to record the WCS.

::: Weatherstock Summit Selection :::

We will attempt to schedule all bands at the Summit on Saturday July 18. If we have too many bands to accommodate on Saturday, we may include sets on Sunday July 19.

The number of slots for the summit event are TBA. Sets will likely be 15-minutes each at the summit, but this is TBA.

Please remember: Weatherstock is a friendly opportunity to showcase musical talents among peers.

Band Leaders: You agree to perform at the Summit (Weatherstock) on Saturday July 18.:

Multi-boxing: While not prohibited, please be aware that lag can be severe at the summit of Weathertop during the event, so use multi-boxing at your own risk! The show must go on.

Band Leaders: How many musician characters are in your band? Note: We require a minimum of four members to be considered for the performance at the summit.:

Band Leaders: Are you available to perform a 15-minute set anytime during Weatherstock on Saturday July 18 (tentatively 12:00pm-5:00pm /servertime EDT)? Slots will be assigned randomly in a public roll.:

::: Band Contact information :::

Main Character on Landroval (Reminder: Please log-in to Landroval to check in-game mail once per week. Also, check your Guildlaunch PM/email for queries.):

Home Server:

Main Character on home server:

Band Leader: Please list a time/place/server that you regularly perform a show, if applicable.:
Saturday 9 pm server outside the Pony.

Band Leader: Website (if any).:


Because of the time commitment involved in planning/staffing both Weatherstock and the WCS, we are considering additional changes in the future (not this year).

:: EVENT FORMAT :: Would you prefer ... (select ONE):
Drop WCS / Keep Summit

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