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re: Weatherstock IX Summit Competition Instructions

Dear Band Leaders,

The letter below was sent to each of you via Guild Launch. Please reach out to me with any questions. Thanks, Hollyberye

Weatherstock IX Summit Competition Instructions

Dear Band Leader,

Your moment on the summit is approaching:  Weatherstock IX is 22 July 2017!

The time slots will be selected randomly by /roll in a public raid at Ales and Tales on Monday, 17 July 2017 (evening server time/EDT) and then posted in the Weatherstock forum.  You need not be present to /roll but are welcome to; otherwise Byrcha will roll for you in this transparent public raid.  She will post the schedule that night. 

Ales and Tales (an eight-year running Lonely Mountain Band Monday night event) will be held on the 17th at the Nameless Hobbit Home southeast of Midgewater Marsh (35.2S, 43.1W).  Should you wish to be present to roll for your band, Nibbles and Nobs starts at 8:30 PM with open stage, followed by the main show at 9:30.  The /roll for summit performance order will be performed around 10 PM.  Again, you need not be present, and all 18 bands are treated equally.

**After the summit time is announced, please confirm that your band will be performing at Weatherstock at its assigned time, within 24 hours.**  You can confirm on the forum.

In advance of the Summit competition, let me know if you need anything. We have several new bands and, new or returning, I am happy to help you, meet you on the summit to review where to perform, etc., prior to the competition (the sooner the better).  On the day of the competition, check in with me (Hollyberye) any time after 10:30 AM /servertime/EDT but before 11:30AM /servertime/EDT.  Let me know that all band members are accounted for and if there are any problems.  Please use this special backstage channel:  /joinchannel WSIX .  (That stands for Weatherstock IX.)  This is preferred over the use of /tell, please.

How Weatherstock will be run:

Here is a detailed overview on how the big event will be run.


1.) The band leader MUST use /joinchannel WSIX to communicate at the summit with the stage crew. This channel is not to be distributed to the public. The band leader may designate another band member to be the point of contact, particularly if they have stronger English skills (our apologies that we do not speak all the languages of our music community) or are singing through their competition.  The band designee should be attentive to this channel.  We recommend it be in a separate chat panel along with your own /raid chat, on a separate part of the screen.

LMB Staff:

2.) The event will be hosted by the Lonely Mountain Band Kin leader and Mistress of Ceremonies, Byrcha. Please pay attention to what she says and react accordingly. 

3.) Please pay attention to the stage manager’s (Hollyberye) direction, especially just prior to and during your show. If the band leader is going to be very busy queuing, singing, etc., it is a good idea, again, to have a designated point of contact for /WSIX.  (Let Hollyberye know the point of contact as soon as possible; she may need to contact you regardless for additional information to be included in your introduction.)

Timing and Your Set:

4.) Your band leader will be contacted in the /WSIX channel by Hollyberye approximately 5-10 minutes before your performance starts. You will be asked to get ready and go behind the stage (large rock pile) at that point in time. Hollyberye will be standing in that area where you will await your set, throughout the event.  (Elves don’t need to break for snacks and other more mundane things.)  After the previous band leaves the stage you should immediately take it and get ready to play your first song while Byrcha introduces your band!  When the introduction is finished you should be set on stage and begin to play--the timer starts as soon as Byrcha completes her introduction.

5.) Each band at the summit has exactly 15 minutes, NO MORE, for their ENTIRE show. They will be timed by Hollyberye, the stage manager. This includes song queuing, banter, encores, emoting, everything. That's 15 minutes total, no extra for encores even when the audience asks; it isn't fair to the other bands to allow anything more. We recommend that you plan for approximately 12-13 minutes of music in case of slow queuing or other issues. After the Mistress of Ceremonies (Byrcha) introduces you, time will start immediately. The stage manager will notify you of time remaining in the /WSIX channel at ten minutes and five minutes, approximately.

6.) Please leave the light shows and special effects for another day! We beg of you not to use fireworks, forced emotes, festival emotes, runes, horses, or other items that may cause severe lag and possible server crashes due to the large population of players we expect.


7.) The show must go on! Please be aware that lag can be severe at the summit during the competition, so use multi-boxing at your own peril! We highly recommend that all of your musicians are actual player characters. If you run into trouble due to a disconnect of a band member, you should be prepared with back-up songs that require fewer musicians or have extra band members willing to step in.

8.) Server crashes are a possibility and a scenario that will be prepared for by the Lonely Mountain Band. You will not be penalized if the server crashes during your performance. If the server crashes during the event, the show may run into overtime and your slot may be pushed back. The Lonely Mountain Band team will use their judgment on determining when the show can continue after a server crash.  We have a fair amount of experience with this but are hoping for the best this year.

Fairness and Fun:

9.) Bands who badmouth another band or are in any form unfair to any other band may receive a vote penalty or disqualification at the discretion of the Lonely Mountain Band. Yes, this is a competition but we are a positive and close-knit music community. Good sportsmanship, fair-play and respect is granted by us and expected from you.  This includes post-Weatherstock, when we hope to see decent behavior no matter how disappointed you might be.  Please think about the statements you might wish to make publicly about the event and Lonely Mountain Band and how it reflects on your band and our very special music community.

10.) Bands who deliberately run over their time slot may be penalized with a vote reduction depending on the case or can even be disqualified. The actual penalty is at the sole discretion of the Lonely Mountain Band.

11.) The Lonely Mountain Band will be playing during the lag busting and welcoming pre-show as folks gather; please do not show up to play an impromptu set beforehand.

12.) Please do not hold a practice at the Summit during the event, as this will confuse the audience and distract from other performers. You can hold a quick sound check if necessary (e.g., single notes to hear instruments) just outside the entrance to the summit. 


13.) The Lonely Mountain Band has a Security Team that will escort or summon you to the Summit of Weathertop starting at 10:15AM /servertime (EDT). Nearest stables are the Forsaken Inn, Candaith's Camp (from Saeradan's Cabin), and Ost Guruth.  However, we do recommend you place your musicians near the summit (not directly on the summit) prior to logging in on the big day.

14.) You can arrange separate travel help, layer-wrangling and transport, with our Security Staff via the /WSIX channel.

NOTE:  This year we are not gathering at the Forsaken Inn, nor do we have a Mounted Procession to the Summit.  All events take place on the summit to better manage the lag spikes from mass arrivals at the summit in a short time.


15.) While voting is going on, there will be a Lonely Mountain Band mega band set.

16.) There are two awards to be decided for Weatherstock VIII: "Free Peoples Choice Award" (internet vote by the audience) and "Lonely Mountain Band Cup" (vote by Lonely Mountain Band members). These votes are held sequentially.  The awards are announced around 5:15 PM / /servertime|EDT.

17.) The winning "Free Peoples Choice Award" band will play an encore at that time. Each band should have a 15 minute set in mind in case they win the Free People’s Choice Award, which can be a repeat of the set played earlier. Award prizes will be distributed by Byrcha within a few days after results are announced to the band’s Landroval characters.  In order to do this efficiently, you must provide a list of all summit performing band members to Hollyberye in advance of the summit competition.

This will be followed by closing ceremonies and a mounted procession to Bree or mad dash to Bruinen.

This may seem like a lot of rules and guidance, but it will go smoothly if they are followed. Please ENJOY your Weatherstock experience and all the terrific music played that day.

Let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance for responding promptly with your confirmation that you understand the guidelines and rules and later on, the summit order.  I can be contacted via PM here, and many of you have my email (ask me if you want it), which you are welcome to use.

Thank you,

Hollyberye of the Lonely Mountain Band

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