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re: App: Mirinaeth

The application submitted by Mirinaeth is as follows:

BAND LEADERS: Apply on behalf of your band. Approval of your application DOES NOT guarantee a slot at Weatherstock. See Band Selection info below.

BAND MEMBERS: Apply with your band to keep up on Weatherstock developments on this forum.

LMB EVENT STAFF AND OFFICERS: Identify what team you'd like to help with and to access the forums.

What is your role in Weatherstock?:
Band Leader

Band Leaders and Band Members: What band are you a member of?:
Flock of Smeagols

Band Leaders: Have you performed in public as a band before? Does your band perform regularly? Have you performed at Weatherstock before? Please supply details here.:
I have been performing in the Lotro music scene for at least 3 years. I was originally part of another band on Silverlode, but have since parted ways with that group and formed Flock of Smeagols here on Landroval. As a group, we have performed multiple times for Ales and Tales and EMS open mic nights. We have held random concerts on Landroval as well as having performed in the Flock of Smeagols St. Patty's Day Blowout of Epic Proportions with Under the Sunlit Sky and Concerning Hobbits and Swingtime at Springtime with Vanimor. We have performed as a band at last year's Weatherstock and Ministock (This year would be my personal 3rd Weatherstock, hopefully as a performer) and were the feature band for the Windy Acres event during Winterstock. Recently, my co-leader Codella and I joined and are performing with The Starlight Orchestra.

Weatherstock Band Application Section (only Band Leaders should fill this out):

Band Registration: Band Registration opens on Monday May 19th and closes on Sunday May 25th.

FYI: Each band will be paired with a "Roadie" from our Event Staff to ensure that the bands are all ready for Weatherstock. Be sure to direct questions to your Roadie, and to answer their questions promptly.

Note: Weatherstock is a competition. Winners will be determined at the summit following the show. One prize will be awarded via an internet vote of all attendees, a second prize will be awarded via an internal vote of LMB members.

There will be no voting-with-feet and no voting-with-hope-tokens this year.

Band Selection: There are 10 performance slots for Weatherstock, to be chosen by weighted lottery. Each band gets 1 ticket for applying. Each LMB Officer may give 1 ticket to a band of their choice. The 10 bands are selected randomly from this pool.

Bands: You are available to perform a 15-minute set anytime during Weatherstock on Saturday June 14th (tentatively 1:00pm-5:00pm /servertime EDT)? Slots will be assigned randomly.:

Weatherstock Concert Series: The Weatherstock Concert Series are a set of concerts put on during the weeks leading up to Weatherstock. These are 1-hour concerts and preference for these slots will be given to bands that apply for the competition.

Note: Playing in the Weatherstock Concert Series is not required for the competition. This is an opportunity for bands to play a longer set (1-hour vs 15-minutes at the summit).

Bands: Can you schedule a Weatherstock Concert Series performance on Landroval sometime between Friday May 30th and Thursday June 12th?:

Bands: Please select possible times for your 1-hour Weatherstock Concert Series show (check all that apply).:
Fri May 30: 9-Midn, Sat May 31: 9-Midn, Sun Jun 1: 9-Midn, Mon-Thu Jun 2-5: 9-Midn, Fri Jun 6: 9-Midn, Sat Jun 7: 9-Midn, Sun Jun 8: 9-Midn, Mon-Thu Jun 9-12: 9-Midn

Bands: Please indiciate which of the above times would work best for you for your 1-hour Weatherstock Concert Series show.:
Any Sunday 9pm EST+

Bands: Do you have a preferred location for your Weatherstock Concert Series show? (low-level areas draw the biggest crowds).:
Combe Gate Courtyard 31.3S, 50.1W or Scholar's Stair Stage

Multi-boxing: While not prohibited, please be aware that lag can be severe at the summit during the competition, so use multi-boxing at your own risk!

Bands: how many individuals (non multi-box alts) are in your band?:
3-5, depends on the day (there *will* be at least 4 for Weatherstock if we are chosen)

Band Contact information:

Main Character on Landroval:

Home Server:

Main Character on home server:

Bands: Please list a time/place/server that you regularly perform a show:
Most of our solo shows are very spontaneous and there are a ton of great bands on Landroval, so we don't have a regular performance schedule.

Bands: Website (if any): ,

Introduce yourself or your band here.:
Hi, I'm Mirinaeth! For those of you that don't already know, I am co-leader of a band called Flock of Smeagols. My co-leader Codella and I have enjoyed playing for the fine peoples of Landroval since we got here a little over a year ago. The other members of our band include (on a random basis) Chalse Mosstoes, Felobor Fawkes, Bottomless Brandyflask, Astionn Rooftopmusician, Auszey No-last-name-yet, and Durrann Duran (who is currently on sabbatical to....somewhere... He never really said where he was going...but we don't expect him back in time for Weatherstock *sad face*). We typically try to come up with witty banter during our shows and play, really, whatever music sounds like fun. As of late, I have been looking for more "80s" and "folk" genre songs to convert; whereas, Codella has been working more within her area of expertise: Classical/chamber ensemble music. We both convert music using Firefern and have been trying to expand our collection of music to be comprised of both incredibly diverse and high quality conversions. In our *spare* spare time, we also run the Trapdoor Tavern...a cozy RP tavern equipped with a full menu of treats, drinks, pipeweed, and some other random things that *actually* exist and that can *actually* be purchased and you can *actually* consume (like, seriously, people...we made/gathered all of this stuff for your enjoyment!!) Thanks for taking the time to read our application and we sincerely hope to be able to entertain the Free Peoples again this year!!

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re: APPROVED - App: Mirinaeth - by Byrcha

Oh, by the way, we've also played as the feature band for Les Beaux Chapeaux's weekly show, at the Day on the Greenfields festival, and threw a massively successful Halloween party 

at the Tavern. Flock of Smeagols is also the house band for the Trapdoor Tavern, if you didn't already figure that out. :P

Thanks for the app approval, Byrcha!

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